Хлебные крошки

ZFNM today

“Zaporozhye Factory of Non-Ferrous Metals” is a modern holding that includes a group of companies with powerful industrial base and reputation as a reliable business partner.

Holding includes industrial processes for manufacturing of:

  • Copper conductor
  • Copper wire
  • Copper and aluminum cables (power, armored, shielded, fire-resistant, installation wires and cables with voltage up to 1 kV);
  • Label products

Products manufactured by “ZFNM” are shipped to:

  • all regions of Ukraine;
  • CIS countries: Kazakhstan, Moldova;
  • Europe: England, Holland, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Greece;
  • Asia: Georgia, China and India.
  • >100 000 tons

    Of copper wire rod produced

  • >80 000 tons

    Of copper cathodes produced

  • >65 000 tons

    Of copper wire produced

  • >45 000 tons

    Of copper conductor produced


For storage of constant reserves

Own vehicle fleet

For in-time delivery of products

>600 persons

That provide continuity of work